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What is Sugaring?

Body sugaring, an ancient Egyptian hair removal method, utilizes a paste of sugar, water, and lemons, gently removing hair with minimal irritation and slower regrowth. Widely known as halawa or sookar in Arabic, and moum in Farsi, it's deeply rooted in Middle Eastern and Asian cultures, often passed down through generations. Traditionally done at home, it's evolved into a professional salon technique, like with the Sweet & True formula, prioritizing natural ingredients and sustainability. Growing in popularity globally, it's seen as a safe and essential way to preserve natural beauty while respecting the planet.


Sugaring boasts several advantages: it's 100% food grade and biodegradable, applied at body temperature without risk of skin burns. Being sanitary and non-bacterial, it doesn't adhere to live skin cells, resulting in minimal irritation. By removing hair in its natural growth direction, it reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs and promotes longer-lasting results, potentially leading to permanent hair reduction. Moreover, skin feels soft, smooth, and comfortable after treatment.


60, 75, or 90 Minutes

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