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Spa Parties

Are you planning a bridal shower, birthday bash, or a friend's getaway? Opting for a relaxation-themed party is the ultimate choice!

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Spa Parties

Spa Parties for 4 or More Guests

  • Includes:

    • A service of your choice (we recommend no more than two services per person max)

    • Complimentary refreshments and treats for guests to enjoy!


Guest of Honor Benefits:

  • If your party has a guest of honor, they will receive:

    • 50% off of their chosen service

    • A complimentary bottle of wine or champagne (As requested) to enjoy!



45 min:

  • Swedish Massage: $90

  • Deep Tissue Massage: $110

  • Facials: $90

60 min:

  • Swedish Massage: $115

  • Deep Tissue Massage: $120

  • Facial: $125


Bridal Showers/bachelorettes:

  • Our bridal showers are a special event designed for you and your guests to enjoy on your special day.

  • We offer specially designed robes for the bride-to-be and all bridesmaids or guests joining!

  • Upon arrival, a custom-designed sign will be displayed for the event.

  • Treats and decor can also be chosen from the "Make it Special" menu below!

Whatever the occasion, we're here to make it special! Contact us for more information on custom spa parties tailored to your needs!

Make It  Special 

  • Cupcakes: $6 per person

  • Charcuterie Board: $10 per person

  • Mini Wine Tasting: $30 per person

  • Personalized Decorations: $60

  • Social Media-ready Photos: $100

  • Bridal Shower

  • Bachelorette

  • Birthdays

  • Corporate Events

  • Etc.



Chair Massage Events

Elevate your event experience with onsite chair massages from Lumin No Tox Shop and Spa. Whether it's a corporate gathering, wedding, or special celebration, indulge your guests with rejuvenating chair massages tailored to enhance any occasion. Book our services to make your event truly unforgettable

Price starts at $100 an hour per massage therapist.

Tips are not included. 

Call for more information,

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