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Necter Blossoming Body Cleansing
  • Necter Blossoming Body Cleansing


    A wild and handcrafted whipped body cleanser, skin treatment, and self-love ritual. A long requested, and limited release. A velvety body cream infused with the vitality of wildflowers, desert sage, honey, and so much more. Made with the intention of not only cleansing the skin - but, leaving it soft, soothed, protected, and nourished: the Good Medicine way.
    Mixing distilled flowers and desert tincture with a blend of nutrient-dense oils and beeswax to create a glow that radiates long after the shower.
    Mindful ingredients curated for an intimate experience of self-love. Rose to soothe, Calendula flower to hydrate, Lavender to calm, Aloe Vera to even skin tone, Honey to clarify, Beeswax to fortify. Take a dip, to discover so much more. From our loving hands to yours.



    • Hydrate and cleanse skin
    • Heal redness and dry spots
    • Gently exfoliate
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Protect and soothe



    Create a self-love ritual in the shower or bath by massaging Nectar into the skin with your hands. Enjoy the fragrance of wild flower fields and feel the sweetness of honey as it lifts any residue from the day, replacing it with a creamy botanical blend of nourishment and love. This silky compound will radiate through the deepest layers of skin to cleanse, purify, and hydrate. Rinse. Feel as your skin transfoms with nature's glow.

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