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signature facials


A refreshing mini facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, toner, and a mask. Perfect for the first time or anyone in need of a quick restoring cleaning.

30 min              $65

A deep cleansing facial for those who need to restore, repair, and replenish in a time frame that fits into a busy schedule. This facial includes cleansing, extractions, a mask, and a neck/shoulder massage.

45 min               $85

Our experienced esthetician will create a custom-tailored facial specific to your skin needs. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, deep pore extractions, and specialty masque, finishing your skin looking healthy and vibrant. Also, a neck and shoulder massage is included.

60 min       $110
75 min              $125

This age-defying facial uses specific products & ingredients that promote deep hydration, stimulation of the skin & blood cells to help overnight cell turnover. This process leaves the skin plumped and nourished while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for deeply hydrated & smooth skin. This treatment will leave the skin revitalized, fresh and radiant.

60 min       $120

75 min       $140

Is your back neglected? Do you have some stubborn breakouts or dead skin you cant reach? Then our Back Facial will be perfect for you! This service includes a deep cleanse, massage and much more to bring you BACK to where you want to be.

 45 min             $110

This service was designed for those who may have never had a facial before and are experiencing congestion & hormonal breakouts, or maybe just even want to learn how to treat their skin better. During this quick pick-me-up facial we will analyze the skin and have you leaving fresh & glowing!

45 min               $75

If you have severe breakouts and sensitive skin, this facial was made for you. During this facial we will deep cleanse, steam and purify the skin through very detailed extractions. This service will not only bring you back on the road to happier skin, but you will also leave feeling calm and soothed.

*High Frequency treatment included*

75 min              $140

Is your skin in need of a little TLC? Look no further, we've got you covered. This facial uses products with ingredients to deep cleanse any impurities from the pores and hair follicles, no need to worry about that facial hair. By the end of this quick service you'll be leaving groomed & gorgeous.

45 min               $90



This treatment kills bacteria, fungus, and germs. Plus, this tightens the skin by stimulation circulation. Great for people of all skin types, including acne! Add this treatment to any facial. 


Add to any facial treatment to reduce inflammation, under-eye puffiness, and redness, all while feeling relaxed and revitalized. Find relief from sinus pressure and headaches while simulating and firming the skin.
*Recommend with the chemical peel*


This Specialty mask soothes & cools, leaving the skin feeling deeply nourished & hydrated, increasing the absorption of essential ingredients packed with antioxidants & vitamins. Perfect for dry, dehydrated skin to achieve a radiant and glowing appearance.


Add the glow boost stimulation to any facial treatment to oxygenate to flush and repair the skin while dramatically circulating stimulations

*Pair with the Glacier Ice Globes* 

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